MAGconnexx is a UK family own brand, supplying great quality magnetic toys for kids. 


The idea of the brand name came from the youngest members of the family (who were 9&5)! 

When asked "what do you think a good name would be to represent our brand?"

They originally had ideas like;

  • "super cool magnets" 

  • "magnet toys" 

  • "magnet toys that stick"

  • "magnetic blocks" and a few more . 

All great names, but not one's we could use.

Then finally MAGconnexx was born, which simply explains what Magnets do, they connect.

We are not claiming to have invented Magnetic Building Blocks, however we placed great emphasis  on providing affordable learning toys, whilst still providing great quality.

When you buy our 62PC magnetic building blocks set, it includes;

  • 56 magnetic PCS

  • 4  single wheels

  • 2 wheel bases


MAGconnexx magnetic building blocks has the ability to provide many hours of fun from age 3 and up. You're really never too old to have fun.

Children play with the magnetic blocks and learn at the same time. Magnetic blocks are also proven STEM toys.

Our magnetic building blocks sets are designed to last. The magnets are powerful and are properly encapsulated in strong plastic.

As a family ran business safety is first and foremost. All our magnetic blocks are tested to the highest global safety standards ASTM and EN71 and carry the CE mark.

Magconnexx STEM toys